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Truck Hire and Removalists in Mackay, Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays.

Helpful Information

The Green Truck Removals Service the Whitsundays and the Mackay regions.

We do this with very competitive pricing, friendly service and honesty 

Truck and Driver is $140 Per Hour 

Truck and Driver and Offsider (2 persons) is $180 Per Hour 

To our valued customers, it is advisable to book your move as soon as you have a confirmed moving date. This will help ensure availability, especially during the busy moving seasons like the School Holidays.

When booking we appreciate a list or photos of what’s to be moved and to where.

Why use The Green Truck Mackay and Whitsundays

  • We Specialise in Local Moves 
  • We Don’t aim to be the Biggest Removal Company Around but we do aim to be Fully Professional in all our dealings with our Customers and we do this with User-Friendly Pricing and Professional Loading and Transport   
  • We have Transit Insurance on our Customer’s Possessions
  • Our Pricing stays the same on Weekdays or Weekends with no excesses
  • GST is included in our Pricing   
  • Our Pricing includes Fuel so no Fuel Excess is passed on to the Customer
  • We carry 24 Moving Blankets in the Green Truck with us to Protect your Possessions in Transit

All of your Possessions are Securely Restrained from moving in Transit   

The Current Green Truck Configuration

  • 600 Kilogram Hydraulic Tailgate Lifter
  • Internal Length of Pantech 4.1 meters
  • Internal Width of Pantech 2.1 Meters
  • Internal Height of Pantech 2 Meters 
  • Those dimensions allow for 16 Cubic Meters of Usable Space to Load
  • Fully Lockable Rear Swing Doors      

The customer needs to be realistic and look at their possessions to see if it is all going to fit into a 16 Cubic Meter Space of the Pantech for Transport, usually 95% of most moves will fit as we stack everything in very tight and use all the available space to load. 

Green Truck Customers Helpful Information

Any Questions you may have Please don’t hesitate to ask Mob 0428826810 or   

  1. Payment needs to be made on the job completion by either Bank Transfer or Cash (No Cheques)
  2. The Green Truck Removal Cost is Calculated on Travel to and Loading at the Customers Nominated Pick Up Address or Addresses and Travel to the Customers Nominated Delivery Address or Addresses and Return to our Home Base in Proserpine. If you want a Quote One Way Please Specify, that can be arranged by contacting the Management of the Green Truck 
  3. For All Jobs that will have a reasonable cost to them a 50% Deposit is Required before the Commencement of the Job
  4. A Taxation Recite can be Emailed to you on Completion and Payment of the Job. Your Email Address is Required
  5. A 7 Day Account / Invoice for our work can only be Authorised by the Management of The Green Truck and must be done before Booking the Job and Commencement of the Job
  6. The Green Truck Cancellation Policy for a Partial or Full Cancellation is 3 Days’ Notice and if not given preferably by Email a Standard Fee of 2 Men and the Truck for 10 Hours will be Charged
  7. If a Customer has any Complaints against the Green Truck Work Crew, they need to be fair to everyone concerned and Contact the Management of the Green Truck Immediately so we can Assess the Situation as it is      
  8. If the Customer has any Complaints against the Green Truck in the way their Possessions were Handled and or if Damaged, they must contact the Management of the Green Truck Immediately so we can Assess the Situation as it is, and not Months Later      
  9. The Green Truck Work Crew is Authorised and can Stop Work and Lock the Pantech and contact Management if at any time there are Droughts that Full Payment for the Job will not be made on Completion of the Job. The Green Truck Management will then take the matter up with the Customer and work out a Direction that is fair to both parties 
  10. The Green Truck has a Policy of trying to get on with everyone, but we will not tolerate Verbal or Physical Abuse or Violence towards our Staff or Wilful Damage to the Green Truck equipment for whatever reason, our Staff have been instructed that in any Incidents of the above from a Customer or a 3rd Party or Whoever they are to Immediately Stop Work and Lock Up the Pantech and inform the Green Truck Management of the issues and if necessary to inform the Local Police, then proceed back to Base. Our Staff have been instructed to not get involved. 
  11. In the above situations if the Green Truck Pantech is Loaded or Partially Loaded and cannot be used for Normal Operation a Standard Fee of 2 Men and the Truck for 10 Hours will be Charged for the duration of the time that the Truck cannot be used in its Normal Role or if the Load has to be transhipped to free up the truck that fee will apply until the truck is free to return to normal duties   
  12. The Green Truck Work Crew Reserves the Right to Terminate a Job at any time if the prevailing conditions change and it is getting Hazardous or Low Light levels are Affecting the Visibility of the Green Truck Work Crew.
  13. The Green Truck Work Crew Reserves the Right to Inspect a Job Site before Commencing Work 

Helpful Information

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